ADATools CodinGame Tournament

Operating a stake pool requires a lot of technical knowledge. From general operation, to security, to debugging. Sure, it’s easy to follow a guide and setup a pool, but Cardano is a lot more than letting a server sit idle producing blocks. Are SPOs getting ready for what’s to come? At the moment there’s not Launched With First Tool – ADA Hologram

ADA Ocean Australia is proud to announce that we have launched our first tool, ADA Hologram, which is a visualisation tool for Cardano Pools and their relay nodes. This tool visually shows all the relay nodes from the registered stake pools on a holography earth. There are three main aspects to the tool which are

ADA Ocean Australia is Live!

ADA Ocean Australia has officially released our first pool with the ticker AOAUS. This is an exciting step for us as it officially announces our engagement with the Cardano community and also establishes our presence physically on the Cardano network. We believe this is an important step for Cardano as it further decentralises the network