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Our Success.

ADA Ocean Australia was founded with the belief that Cardano should be as decentralised and accessible to anyone as much as possible.

With that belief, ADA Ocean Australia was the first, fully managed and operated Australian stake pool. Our stake pool operates in physically different regions compared to the majority of other Cardano stake pools (even other “Australian” pools).

We pride ourselves on being a Reliable, Australian Cardano Stake Pool and to extend that reliability we are branching out our services beyond just running our stake pool.

Our long term goal is to bring as much awareness to Cardano and blockchain technology to Australians and give them the opportunity to be a part of the future of finance and decentralisation.

Australian Owned and Operated

Our core servers are operated and located in Australia, providing stability and further decentralisation to the Cardano network.

Proven Block History

ADA Ocean Australia has been reliably producing blocks since November 2020 and has a lifetime ROA (return of ADA) greater than 4.43%.

Reliable Low Fees

Our pool margin is just NaN%, making ADA Ocean Australia one of the lowest charging stake pools in Australia. Giving you maximum returns.

High Uptime

Operating System live patches, virtual machine live migration and auto start are just a few things we use to make sure our servers always stay up and running smoothly.

Live Dashboard

Our light Cardano blockchain explorer dashboard gives you insights into the operations of ADA Ocean Australia.

Pool BlocksDelegatesPinned NFTsEpoch History
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Image of ADA Ocean Australia Blockchain Explorer / Dashboard

--M ADA Staked

Minimum Fixed Fee

-- Delegations

-- Blocks Minted

NaN% Pool Margin

Single Independent Pool

Many Reasons To Join Us

You can benefit from low, competitive fees while knowing that you'll be supporting a fantastic Cardano Stake Pool.

We created a list of benefits that you receive when joining ADA Ocean Australia.

Low FeesNFT IPFS PinningPool Operating DashboardReliability - Operating Since 2020Quick Support

Uptime Monitoring and Alerts

Our servers are constantly monitored for health changes and are capable of self healing. In the rare event an issue occurs that requires the assistance of a system administrator, an alert is triggered.

  • Operating System Live Patches

  • Redundant Drives

  • Hardware Failover / Virtual Machine Migration


Our Projects

We are not just a Cardano Stake Pool. We give back to the community because it is the least we could do.
ADATools website screenshot website screenshot
IPFS Nodes
Interplanetary File System Nodes website screenshot


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Community News

Browse our latest articles about Cardano and related projects.


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