Australian Owned and Operated Cardano Pool.

All our servers are located in Australia, helping improve decentralisation of the Cardano network and supporting Australian jobs.

Pool ID (AOAUS): 5b9a5633289c52003d359bce18f77f571a701fd3942a52bde3262558

229,776 ADA ($351,557) Lifetime Rewards Paid to Delegators

Pool Relay Locations





ADA Ocean Australia servers are located across four different Australian regions and has redundancies across two of them. Unlike many pools that have relays across several locations, but only 1 block producer (or the backup block producer is in the same location), ADA Ocean Australia has a backup block producer in a completely different location.

This means if the region our main block producer server is located has internet outages or a natural disaster occurs, we have a block producer server standing by 921 kilometres (572 miles) away giving us greater uptime.

Australian Operated

All our pool nodes are operated and located in Australia, providing stability and further decentralisation to the Cardano network.

High Uptime

Operating System live patches, virtual machine live migration and auto start are just a few things we use to make sure our servers always stay up and running smoothly.

Low Fees

With our low margins, ~99% of block produced rewards go back to the delegators*
*see calculations below

Gain Rewards

Staking ADA gains more ADA with little effort.

Our Creations
ADA Ocean Australia developed as we wanted to create a single point of Cardano development, network and resources into one location. As it stands, Cardano as a whole is very fragmented with many websites and resources that are hard to find. As we develop, we wish to bring all of these resources into one location.

Key Features:

  • Full Pool Data
  • Network Parameters and Network Health
  • Block and Transaction Data
  • Calculators
  • Network Hologram
  • ADA Data
  • News
  • Much More To Come!
Our Core

What is Cardano Staking?

Cardano is a blockchain framework built on the basic principles of Bitcoin. The key difference is that instead of using powerful computers to earn rewards, Cardano determines how much you earn based on how much you stake.

This solves the biggest environmental issue that Bitcoin faces as staking with Cardano uses very minimal resources to run the network. Here are some more benefits of Cardano:

  • Secure Block Producing Voting Mechanise
  • Encourages Decentralisation (less network risk)
  • Designed For Financial Systems
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Large Developer Activity
  • Network Capacity
Click to go to the Official Cardano website.

Decentralisation in Australia

While encouraging decentralisation on a software level is great, it’s not useful if everyone uses the same hardware providers in the same locations. For example, if a majority of the Cardano Nodes are located in one country and that country is compromised in some way, such as a natural disaster, then that is a weak link in the network.

As it stands, there are very few Cardano pools in Australia. That is why we feel it is important that our pools are physically in Australia to bring true decentralisation and security to Cardano.

By operating pools in Australia, we aim to bring security and stability to the Cardano network. By being located in Australia, Australians and nearby countries will also experience faster transactions on the Cardano network.

How to Delegate with ADA Ocean Australia

Download the YOROI App

Create or Restore your Shelley Wallet.

1. Go to the ‘Delegate’ tab at the bottom.
2. Search for ‘AOAUS’
3. Click the search icon
4. Click the ‘Delegate’ button
5. Confirm the Delegation

We are Giving You a Chance to

Be Apart of the Growth of Cardano in Australia

ADA Ocean Australia commits to running a stable Cardano stake pool and we believe everyone should be able to gain great rewards from staking.

The bigger the success of ADA Ocean Australia, the bigger the rewards our delegators will receive.

Our Fees

What do you get out of it?

Pool Operating Cost: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 1%
Pledged: 50,000 ADA

If the total pool rewards for an epoch is 50,000 ADA, we first subtract 340 ADA as the pool cost. That leaves 49,660 ADA as rewards.

Based on these 49,660 ADA, the pool takes 1% (496.6 ADA) and the rest of the rewards (49,163.4 ADA) are then distributed to the delegators based on how much they have delegated.

The total pool rewards for an epoch depends on the saturation level of the pool.

Click below to calculate your estimated ADA rewards based on how much you stake.

Stake your ADA with ADA Ocean Australia

What do I do now?

Here are some links to help get you started and how to delegate your stake to ADA Ocean Australia.

Make sure you delegate to AOAUS – ADA Ocean Australia