Pool ID (AOAUS): 5b9a5633289c52003d359bce18f77f571a701fd3942a52bde3262558

Australian Owned and Operated Cardano Pool.

Reliable Blocks | Reliable Fees | Reliable Service

Over 240 Delegators and 322,000 ADA in Rewards Returned

Our Success.

ADA Ocean Australia was founded with the belief that Cardano should be as decentralised and accessible to anyone as much as possible.

With that belief, ADA Ocean Australia was the first, fully managed and operated Australian stake pool. Our stake pool operates in physically different regions compared to the majority of other Cardano stake pools (even other “Australian” pools).

We pride ourselves on being a Reliable, Australian Cardano Stake Pool and to extend that reliability we are branching out our services beyond just running our stake pool.

Our long term goal is to bring as much awareness to Cardano and blockchain technology to Australians and give them the opportunity to be a part of the future of finance and decentralisation.


Our Projects

Cardano Australia

For us impossible is just an opinion!

Expert Management

With over 10 years of I.T and blockchain experience, you can be confident our platform will remain highly available giving you the best return on your ADA.

Fixed Fees

At ADA Ocean Australia, we value our all our delegators regardless the amount staked. Unlike other Stake Pools who increase their fees, our fees are fixed no matter the amount delegated.

Complex Solutions - Simple Results

ADA Ocean Australia operates on a hybrid of bare-metal and multi-cloud infrastructure that is managed by several cloud providers. This complex mixture provides reliable up-time for maximum block production to provide our delegators the highest return on your ADA.

High Quality Standards

Operating System live patches, virtual machine live migration and auto start are just a few things we use to make sure our servers always stay up and running smoothly.


A big business starts small!

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To start staking in Cardano and earn rewards, you first need to buy ADA, the currency of Cardano.

Buy and Withdraw ADA using Swyftx


Create a wallet

To stake your ADA with a ADA Ocean Australia, it needs to be sent to a Cardano Wallet.

Install and Create a Yoroi Desktop Wallet


Delegate to ADA Ocean Australia

As long as your ADA is delegated to ADA Ocean Australia, you will receive ADA rewards every 5 days.


Gain Rewards

Over a year your rewards will average out to a ~5% return.

We know how it works!

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