Cardano Dashboard
Block Chain Explorer, Pool Profiles, Token Explorer, Network Analysis - Cardano Dashboard / Toolkit is a free Cardano Block Chain Explorer that brings as many tools as possible to give insights into the Cardano system. It’s available as a website or a full featured mobile application on Android and iOS. does not run any ads or have any external funding other than from the fees that are generated from the ADA Ocean Australia pool.

Available as a fully functional app.

What is it?

Features is a near real-time block chain explorer that runs on the Cardano framework. It has many features including:

Real-time block production tracker

See blocks being made in real-time.

Token (NFT) Explorer

Few tokens (assets) on the block chain, including NFTs and the minting history.

Pool Profiles

View live pool data such as Live Stake and Pledge, Blocks Minted, ADA Rewards received, and Server Status.

Network Health Data

See how decentralised Cardano is, the Chain Density and how many relays are online.

Transaction Lookups

Look into transaction data and the metadata attached to them.

Daily Pool Spotlights

Every day, a few small pools are chosen and displayed on the home page.