Epoch 252 Update

Epoch 252 we minted 4/5* blocks (see below tweet about the slot battle). We’re expecting 10 blocks this epoch. Thank you to our delegators! Thank you to our newest #Cardano delegators 6.01k, 487.1, 271.1, 1.13k, 6.26k, and 26.3. Your support is appreciated!

Once again we engaged in a slot battle! This slot in particular: https://adatools.io/blocks/32841a70052065bb6c1ac688726906a03e03de9b1c15746e2db9cdd028a0d953… Congratulations LOVELACECOMMUNITYPOOL for winning the block! For those that don’t understand how a slot battle works, here’s a good explanation: https://cardanofaq.com/books/general-operations/page/what-are-slot-battles

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