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Questions & answers

Yes, ADA Ocean Australia is fully owned and operated from Australia.

Our Cardano Pool has a historical ROA (Return On ADA) of greater than 5.7% (as of 14th July 2021). You can view our pool profile on

As long as the pool you are delegating to produces at least 1 block per epoch, you should see rewards in 4 epochs from the time you delegate.

As in, if you delegated in epoch N, snapshot is taken at N+1, stake becomes active in N+2, rewards are  calculated N+3. You will receive rewards in epoch N+4.

Cardano by design is very energy efficient compared to Proof-of-Work frameworks such as Bitcoin. The typical usage consumes no more energy then a bank would. 

While our cloud hosting providers haven’t released their energy efficiency stats for their data-centres, our Brisbane location is run by solar power.

Since the majority of our servers our cloud based, the VPS is shared with other tenants and therefore the server is not wasting energy on unused resources.

The AOAUS Cardano pool mostly uses cloud VPS, however our Brisbane location is run from a bare-metal server. is mostly run on bare-metal servers due to the high performance requirements.