Africa Initiative

After watching the Cardano Africa special, ADA Ocean Australia was really moved to do something to help. For those that haven’t seen it, here’s the full YouTube video:

For those that want a quick summary:

It has been really inspiring to see the way IOHK has approached mass adoption of Cardano and has really highlighted the needs that others have that we take for granted.

While AOAUS is not directly a “mission pool” and we don’t want to take away from pools that have a specific mission in Africa (you can find African mission pools here:, we wanted to do something that not only contributes in a small way, but also highlights the efforts being made in Africa.

We’ve decided to do this the best way we know how, which is to support the infrastructure in Africa by creating a relay node (, port 6000).

We’ve decided to do this for the same reason that our pools relays are in Australia, to support decentralisation and to support the infrastructure in those regions.

By having a pool relay in Africa, we’re supporting the infrastructure financially and also aiding the pools there. Currently, there’s barely 20 relays in Africa (out of the 4,500 globally) as a whole, so by adding an extra relay we’re giving an extra boost to those that want to connect to it in Africa.

If we find that our South Africa server is being highly utilised, we’ll consider spinning up another server in a different region in Africa.

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