Launched With First Tool – ADA Hologram

ADA Ocean Australia is proud to announce that we have launched our first tool, ADA Hologram, which is a visualisation tool for Cardano Pools and their relay nodes. This tool visually shows all the relay nodes from the registered stake pools on a holography earth.

There are three main aspects to the tool which are broken down. The first is the stake pools themselves. Within a stake pool there are relay nodes. Typically a pool will have more than 1 relay node, in which case they are linked together by the green lines.

The relay nodes themselves have been extracted from the Cardano blockchain, geolocated and plotted on the world. These relay nodes are represented by glowing orbs. There are three main colours. Blue means that the relay node is online and accessible. Yellow means that it did not respond when we tried to connect on the registered IP address and port. Red means that this relay node is part of a pool that has been deregistered.

We have many new features coming to ADA Hologram which we will be releasing soon.

To see more great tools like this, then please support us by staking your ADA with ADA Ocean Australia [AOAUS].

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