ADA Ocean Australia

Who we are & what we do

About our Cardano Experience

We are your reliable Cardano Stake Pool!

ADA Ocean Australia commits to running a stable Cardano stake pool and we believe everyone should be able to gain great rewards from staking.

Cardano is a blockchain framework built on the basic principles of Bitcoin. The key difference is that instead of using powerful computers to earn rewards, Cardano determines how much you earn based on how much you stake.

Principles of our work



Not only do we operate our Cardano Pool Servers in Australia, we also use a hybrid mix of cloud and bare-metal to make sure our pool has a 99.999999% yearly uptime.



We pride ourselves on high uptimes, which is why we announce our slot allocation schedule as soon as it’s available. This gives our delegators the assurance we will take responsibility for any missed blocks.



We’re more than just a Cardano stake pool. We created as a service to the Cardano community. We also maintain a copy of all NFT assets stored on the IPFS network.



Cardano staking is designed so your ADA never leaves your wallet. This gives you the freedom to stake your ADA with AOAUS without locking up your funds.

Why choose our Cardano stake pool

Smart Complex Solutions

We operate a hybrid of cloud and bare-metal servers in Australia. This gives us agility to scale when required, the ability to Live Migrate our Virtual Machines in the event of hardware failure, and the power of bare-metal.

Brilliant Cardano Community

Join our Telegram group or send us a Tweet. Want to meet other Cardano members in Australia? Let us know and we can connect you with others.

Fast Online Support

If you have any questions or need help, you can reach us through Twitter or Telegram. We're always happy to help.

Modern Technology

We only want the best servers for our pool, which is why we only accept servers with 3Ghz+ CPUs and SSDs that can output at least 60,000+ IOPS.

Rich Experience

With over 10 years of I.T and blockchain experience, we love what we do.

Affordable Fees

From the moment we registered our pool, our fees have not changed. 1% Margin and 340 ADA Fixed fees. Unlike other pools, we won't increase our fees as our pool grows. We want to do what is best for you, not us.

Do you have any further questions.

We're always happy to help!